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The name Pacific Wanderland name has been in the Hunter family for more than 50 years, starting with the family's gift shop and museum in Avoca Beach, NSW. The Pacific Wanderland name has travelled with the family for generations; easily spotted on the back of caravans, car windows, and luggage tags, as the family continued their travel across Australia and the South Pacific, and now it serves as the business name to manage the next generation of business and creativity - in management of the family's authors.

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Sara Powter

The Lockleys of Parramatta series

Unlikely Convict Ladies (Trilogy bks 2&3)

The Vine Weaver

No More, My Love


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The Heather to The Hawkesbury

Reef Holiday

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Published Works

Historical Novels set in Colonial Sydney and Parramatta, draw you into the realities of life as a convict.

Step back in time and walk through history as though you were there.

The Lockleys of Parramatta is a fictitious family however their beginnings are loosely based around my own Ellison family in Parramatta. John Ellison did indeed run the Jolly Sailor Inn and his son ran, The Rear Admiral Duncan was also another family Inn. The Arms of Australia, a third family inn, at Emu Plains is still in existence as a museum. it was run by my Great Grandparents Tom and Betsy Ellison. We forget that in this time of such upheaval, not all who came here, came willingly. Many were ripped from loving arms and sent against their will. However, once here many realised that they loved it and were content to make Australia Home! Lie in the Colony was tough and different. But life here gave everyone a chance if you were prepared to work. My family did! and Work hard. John Ellison, a Convict, ended up as Government Stores Keeper and became a trusted member of Parramatta Society. They were members of St John's Anglican Church and brought their families up to honour God. That storyline follows through my books.

I fell in love with Australian Colonial Stories after reading "Sara Dane" by Catherine Gaskin when I was a teenager. Then I discovered "For the Term of His Natural Life" by Marcus Clark. There were others and I read every one I could. Imagine my delight when I discovered my mother, Sheila Hunter, wrote three Australian Colonial Novel herself, and left one half completed. She sadly never saw them published as she died in 2002. However, with the advent of the Internet and Amazon, in particular, I have had all three of her books made available for everyone. They are delightful Australian stories with the Christian flavour that was predominant at the time in the Community. Sheila Hunter's three books tie into my series Look for them at www.sheilahunter.com.au. All are available on Amazon.

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