Pacific Wanderland Publications  Manages the works, publishing, and distribution for 

Sheila Hunter and Sara Powter

Historical Novels set in Colonial Sydney and Parramatta

 These books draw you into the realities of life as a convict, and remember they were not all bad. 

*Step back in time and walk through history as though you were there. 

*All the stories are complete. 

*They do not finish with a cliffhanger where you need to read the next in the series. 

*You can pick up any book and start reading,  as each story is a stand-alone. 

*There are recurring characters, like Ned Grace, 

and each book gives another glimpse into his life. 

*Charles and Sal Lockley are also frequently mentioned. 

I hope you love them like I do.

Top- The Jolly Sailor Inn, Parramatta.  

Bottom - Arms of Australia Inn, Emu Plains

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 Sara Powter 

The Lockleys of Parramatta (Series)

Unlikely Convict Ladies (Trilogy)

 Stand-alone novels 

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Dancing to her Own Tune 

Sara's signed books

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Sheila's books are unsigned. 



The Heather to The Hawkesbury

Reef Holiday

Published Works

Australian Historical Novels

(All stand-alone books)

A First Fleet Story (1788)

Gentle Annie Soames (2024) (Annie and Oliver Quilpie’s story)

The Hunter to Macquarie Collection (1795-1822)

When Upon Life’s Billows (2025) (John Hunter’s story)

Saddler’s Song (2025) (George Miller’s story)

Tuppence to Pass (2025) (Josh Callan and The Duffy’s story)

His Majesty’s Pageboy (2025) (Jack Turner’s story)

Far From the Whispering Sheoaks (2026) (Phil Bentley’s story)

Bound Down in Iron Chains (2026) (Boys Orphanage, Howard Marlow’s story)

Unlikely Convict Ladies Trilogy (1792-1840s)

Dancing to her Own Tune (Sam and Annie Corbett Garney’s story)

(co-authored by Sheila Hunter & Sara Powter)

Amelia’s Tears (Amelia Westaweller’s story)

A Lady in Irons (Perry and Katy White’s story)

The Lockleys of Parramatta (1800-1900)

Unshackled Lives - A novella about Ned Grace - free with newsletter signup

Hands Upon the Anvil    (Eddie's Story)

Out Where the Brolgas Dance    (Wills' Story)

Diamonds in the Dirt    (Luke's Story)

The Earl’s Shadow    (Charles & Charlie's stories)

Once a Jolly Swagman   (Wills son Rick's story)

Jonty’s Journey   (Luke's son-in-law's story)

The Convict Birthstain Collection (1820s-1840s)

No More, My Love (Jess and Marcus Ryan’s story)

The Vine Weaver (Fran and Hector Macdougal’s story)

Scotch at The Rocks (Brodie and Heather Stewart’s story)

Waiting at the Sliprails (Bea and Jack Barnes’s story)

Convict Shadows of the Past (Jennifer Kellow’s story)

In Defence of Her Honour (Bill and Molly Miller’s story)

I Can’t Stop Tomorrow (2024) (Clare and Shéamus Connor and Avoca’s story)

Madeline’s Boy (2024) (Madeline, Tim Hinds and Humphrey Downes’ story)

Jam or Marmalade for Tea (2025) (Martha, Guy Manning and Governor Brisbane’s story)

Shelia Hunter’s

Australian Colonial Trilogy (1840s-1850s)



The Heather to the Hawkesbury

The name Pacific Wanderland name has been in the Hunter family for more than 50 years, starting with the family's gift shop and museum in Avoca Beach, NSW. The Pacific Wanderland name has travelled with the family for generations; easily spotted on the back of caravans, car windows, and luggage tags, as the family continued their travel across Australia and the South Pacific, and now it serves as the business name to manage the next generation of business and creativity - in management of the family's authors. It has now grown into Pacific Wanderland Publications.

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