Hands Upon The Anvil

Background to Characters:-

Characters like Rev Mr HH Bobart are historical, but I have woven  a story around them. the Storm that occurred in Dec 1841 did actually happen and the Church was severely damaged. It took years to repair adn when St John's was finally repaired the changes were astounding. He died in class at Kings school aged 42.

Rev Clarke is also another Historical Character (as is his wife Maria).   He comes into books two and three.  He is one of those characters that Australian History has forgotten, but he should be rmembered.  Look him up!  Rev William Clarke. What a man! 


Cover Art:- Marsden’s Mill and Cottage, 1820, J Lycett, SLNSW PXD41F1:- One of the key sources for identifying of possible sites is a painting credited to John Lycett and done around 1820. In this shot we can clearly see Marsden’s three story mill house and the associated cottage at what looks like the juncture of the Parramatta River and Darling Mills Creek.

The Lockley Family of Parramatta is loosely based on John Ellison and his family.  John arrived as a convict in 1791 on the 'Albermarle'. He helped 'put down' a Mutiny on board and was awarded with a 'Ticket of leave.'  As part of that, John was eventually made "Keeper of Government Stores" in Parramatta and also ran the "Jolly Sailor Inn"  just up the street.  Bill Miller is loosely based on Joseph Huff, whose two daughters married two of the Ellison boys.  Joseph was transported for 'stealing a lamb' but was at work  when this occurred. He was transported and later given a conditional pardon.

John Ellison married Sarah Watkins and had  9 children (plus Sarah's son) their 2nd son was John Thomas Ellison and he  became a Blacksmith.   The history of how and why he was educated are scant, but of he somehow he ended up at Cape's Academy in Sydney.  Sir James Martin (Martin Place) and Hon George Thornton(Sydney Mayor 1853), were both school friends and they travelled together from Parramatta to Sydney weekly.  John had a boat and it's possible that he transported them.  However, there was also a ferry and this is also a means of transport. 

in 1903 Thomas Ellison's Obit read:- (he died in 1902)

Another Landmark Gone

Mr Thomas Ellison, ia resident of this district for a number of years, passed away at his daughter's (Mrs James Hunter's) residence, Emu Plains, about 4 o'clock on Friday morning. The old gentleman, who was 88 years of ago, was a native of Parramatta, and was born at the "Jolly Sailor," an old George Street hotel. This hotel and the adjoining store was built by Mr Ellison's father, who bad at the time a contract for the provisioning of convicts. The deceased was a schoolmate of the late Sir James Martin, the late Hon George Thornton, and many other old colonists': In 1840 be was married to his late wife, then a Miss Hough, the late Rev Mr Bobart officiating. During Mr Ellison's long life he kepi! an important hotel at Linden, then called Ellison's Pinch, where he had any amount of strange adventures with bushrangers and other desperadoes. He at first, so it is stated, kept the old Pilgrim Ian at the top of Lapstone, which the late Mr Wasooe parried on until the iron horse crippled the traffic and be had to shut up shop. The late Mr Ellison has been unwell for some time, and his death -was not unexpected, He leaves a family as follows : Mr J T Ellison, Springwood ; Mr James Ellison, Emu Plains; Mrs J Kling and Mrs James Hunter, Emu Plains; and Mrs i B M Coogan, Parramatta-, besides a number of grandchildren and some great grandchildren. The funeral takes place this Saturday afternoon. Some further particulars will appear next week.

Mrs James Hunter, was my great Grandmother, Sara Elliso. Her husband James, was the first Cobb & Co coach driver to cross the Blue Mountains in 1862.  They lived at the "Arms of Australia Inn" in Emu Plains with Thomas.

First in the ‘Lockleys of Parramatta’ series. 

The small town of Parramatta in New South Wales is a rough place in the early 1830s.  Convicts and ruffians galore.  However, opportunities abound for those who are willing to work for it. Some do, many won’t.  The Lockleys are a family who will.  Charles becomes a trusted community member after he helps quell a mutiny on the way out aboard the convict ship His Faith also grows.  He’s given a Ticket of Leave and becomes the Government Stores Keeper in Parramatta, whilst running an Inn. 

Charles and Sal, his wife, grasp the opportunities this colony offers their growing family.  Charlie, their oldest son will take over the Inn. 

However, it is Eddie, their second son, a Blacksmith, who becomes an unassuming hero. 

  Unlike England, the class system is almost gone. There is Convict and Free. There is opportunity for all if you work for it.  

 A love story in more ways than one.

This was started as a Covid project in September 2020! Somehow I don't think it will stop there. 

2 years later - 16 novels are complete!