Acknowledgements and Thanks

Sara Powter's Book Covers features artwork by Joseph Lycett convict artist who arrived with Francis Greenway on the convict ship 'General Hewett' Feb 1814. 

Artwork used with permission from various libraries and galleries.

Sheila Hunter's book covers feature artwork by various colonial artists, used with permission.

Sheila Hunter's books - edited by Jenny Cowan

Sara Powter's books - edited by Roby Aiken

with final BETA read-through by friends Dasha Brandt, Noreen Robertson and Linda Upcroft

And Thanks also to Rebekah Robinson has also reworked some of the Romance covers.  

My thanks go to all my friends who have given feedback, but especially to my wonderful husband,  Stephen Powter, who has inspired and encouraged me every step of the way!

And to my daughter Suzi Donohoo for this wonderful web page. 

And above all - thanks to God for getting me over my battle with words!   

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