Lockleys of Parramatta 

100 Years of Parramatta's History

A six book series - but each is a complete story

The Lockleys of Parramatta is a fictitious family; however, their beginnings are loosely based on my own Ellison family in Parramatta. John Ellison did indeed run the Jolly Sailor Inn, and his son ran  The Rear Admiral Duncan was also another family Inn.  The Arms of Australia, a third-family inn at Emu Plains, is still in existence as a museum.  it was run by my great-grandparents, Tom and Betsy Ellison.

    We forget that in this time of such upheaval, not all who came here came willingly. Many were ripped from loving arms and sent against their will. However, once here, many realised that they loved it and were content to make Australia their home!  Life in the Colony was tough and different.  But life here gave everyone a chance if they were prepared to work. My family did!  and Work hard.  John Ellison, a Convict, ended up as Government Stores Keeper and became a trusted member of the Parramatta Society.   They were members of St John's Anglican Church and brought their families up to honour God.   That storyline follows through my books. 

I fell in love with Australian Colonial Stories after reading "Sara Dane" by Catherine Gaskin when I was a teenager. Then I discovered "For the Term of His Natural Life" by Marcus Clark. There were others, and I read every one I could. Imagine my delight when I discovered my mother, Sheila Hunter,  wrote three Australian Colonial Novels herself and left one half completed.  She sadly never saw them published as she died in 2002.  (They were published in 2014,15 &16). However, with the advent of the internet and Amazon, in particular, I have had all three of her books made available for everyone.  They are delightful Australian stories with the Christian flavour that was predominant at the time in the community.   Sheila Hunter's three books tie into my series.  All are available on Amazon and on the SHOP. 

NB - The Shop has FREE shipping for Australia, and there are bundle prices.

While the Lockley family is fictitious, it was loosely inspired by the Ellisons of Parramatta

My great-great-grandfather, Thomas Ellison, was the son of a 3rd Fleet convict, and he did become a blacksmith who was sponsored to go to Cape's Academy in Sydney. 

The series covers about 100 years of Parramatta through the eyes and lives of the Lockley family. 

1   Hands upon the Anvil is Eddie's story and sets the scene for what is to come. Eddie is given a little bit of money and turns that into a way to grow his town. 

 Out Where the Brolgas Dance - is Wills' story. He runs away only to return happily engaged and wealthy beyond his wildest dreams. It's what he does with his money and how he changes the lives of many that makes Wills special.

 Diamonds in the Dirt follows the studious Luke, the youngest Lockley son. At a loose end and jobless, Luke is offered a position on a journey of exploration. The discoveries made and friendships forged are more important than the diamonds they discover. 

 The Earl's Shadow -  Charlie, the oldest son, had grown up in his father, Charles' shadow. How can he be expected to live up to such an amazing man? Charles has the common touch, having arrived as a convict but now a Peer of the realm.  The echoes of his childhood abuse erode his confidence, but he uses that to become strong and confident. 

5   Once a Jolly Swagman (the next generation of Lockleys). Rick, like his father, Wills, did years earlier, runs away from the family expectations.  On the first day, he meets Jack, an enigmatic swagman. Who is this man, and why does he know so much about Rick's family? (inspired by 20 of The Seekers songs)

6   Jonty's Journey - Jonty was born on the day of Luke's wedding, and the two families have been close since Eddie was at school with his father.  He is in love with Luke's daughter, Lottie.  As a diamond cutter, must go to Africa to buy more gems, but while there, his life comes across many unexpected obstacles. 

The Lockley Family Tree


Charles Lockley b 1800  and   Parents - Elizabeth (Elle) & John Lockley.  Elle remarried Richard Childs d 1855

M Feb 1820 Sal (Sarah) McCarthy  (Dar and Mama) ‘Jolly Sailor’ Sally’s mother:-  Shannon McCarthy parents Eamon (Edward) and Nioiclín( Nicola) O’Shane.Ireland

#1 Charlie b Nov 1820       ( See The Earl's Shadow)

m Gracie  Miller m Nov 1841  

#1 Edward (Teddie) William b 26/9/44 twin  m Bella Winslow-Smythe (stayed in UK)

#2 John Charles  26/9/44;   m Sara Joy Harlow b 7/1/47

#3 b  25 Aug 46 Emily(Emma)

#4  Molly Grace b 1850 m Henry William Harlow b Oct 16, 48

#2  Eddie  (Edward John) b 16.10.1821  ( See Hands Upon the Anvil)

m Dec 4, 1841, Jenna (8)- Jennifer Martha Turner  

  #1 Edward (Neddie) Charles Gerald  b 15 Aug 1842       m  Jan 1864 Miriam Evans (Stevie’s daug)

#1 b  Charles Edward1865

#2   Sarah May  b 1867       m Billy Evans - Boer War vet

#3   Alice b 1869

#4 b 1871 - twin

#5 b 1871 twin

#6 Richard Charles  b Dec 1875

  #2 Christina (Tina) Sarah Martha. b 15 Aug 1842  m Mar 1859 Charles (Chip) Lockley, Duke of Gracemere

#1 Charles John Edward  (CJ) Dec 5th 1862 twin   

#2 Christina Susanna (Christie) Dec 5th 1862 twin m Jan1882 Stephen (Steve) Hunt b 51(Edmund’s 2nd son)

#1 Edward Charles b 1882 m Nov 1900  Matilda  Harlow (Harry’s great niece)

#1 Charles Edward b 1901 Sept

#2 Alexandrina twin sister still born

#3 Gerald Albert James b Nov 1863

#4 Elizabeth (Liza) Sarah  b Oct 1866

#5  James  Charles  March 1868

#6 Constance (Coco) Marie March 1868

  #3 Jennifer Annabella Elizabeth  (Lily) 13/4/45    m 15/8/64  William (Liam) Lockley (Ned’s)

#1 William (Gil) John Lockley  May 65

#2 Charles Edward James (EJ) Nov 13th 67

#3 Hannah Rachel (Chel) Maria b  Nov 68 twin

#4 Jessica Elizabeth (Lizzy)  Jane  Nov 68 twin

#5 Paul Alexander ( Lex) March 70

   #4 26 Christopher William (Kit) Jan 1847 m 15/8/64 Lady Charlotte (Charl) Jennifer Victoria  Jan 26/1/47

#1 Robert (Bobbie)Christopher Charles Edward.  20/4/65 Quad

#2 Lucas Fynn Edmund John Quad.. 20/4/65

#3 Eleanor (Nell)Elizabeth Dawn Sarah 20/4/65 Quad

#4 Clare Christina Ellen Isabella Quad.. 20/4/65

#5 Hugo Kiran William  Aug 1st 1867

#6 Rebecca (Becca) Grace 26/12/69

#7 Thea Louise Edwina  b  Aug 1880  when parents were 33

M 1899 John Jax Styles - lived in Rock Cottage, Glebe

#1 Edward b 1900

#2 Angelina b 1902

  #5 Nicholas (Nick) Calum  2/3/49   

  #6  Shannon Mary  1/10/50   

  #7  Victoria (Toria) Elizabeth  b1852  

  #8  Henry  Charles  b 1853  

  #9  Philip John b 6th Dec 1856

  #10 Ruth Alexandra (Ruthie) b 6th Dec 1856

#3 Liza b 1823   m 1841 Bertie Ellis 

#1 Albert George Charles-called Albie 15/8/1842 Parramatta 

#2 b 1846 Edward Charles Ellie - presented in Sydney

#3 twin Feb  57 Amelia ( Mel) Suzanna twin

#4  Feb  57  Charlotte (Beth) Elizabeth  twin

#4 Anna b 1824 m 1842 Tim Miller. 

#1 William (Billy) Charles  b 6/9/43; 

#2 Amelia  Grace  1845 

     #3 Timothy ( Timmy) Edward  b Feb 57 twin

#4 Samuel ( Sam) Aidan b Feb 57 twin

#5 Wills - William Lockley  b 20/4 /1826 (Wills) (17 nearly 18)   ( See the Out Where the Brolgas Dance)

m 14/2/1845 Cathy Turner

#1 b14 Jan 47 Luke Henry William, 

#2 Sept 48,Philip (Pip)Charles; 

#3 3/3/50 Catherine Victoria Matilda(Tilda m b Oct 16, 48 Henry William Harlow

#4 6July 51 Aurelia Lucy (Goldie)   twins 

#5 Richard(Rick) Edward &  b 26 Oct 1855 twin  m Mary Louise Evans

#6 Elizabeth(Bette) Martha b 26 Oct 1855 m Edward Styles

6 Luke John Lockley b 1828 (March   ( See Daimonds in the Dirt)

m 2/8/1856 - Ellen Miller, b 4/10/1830; 

#1, April 26th 1857  William (Willy) Edward, m May 52 Elizabeth Susanna  (Sanna) Harlow

#2 Mary May April 26th 1857   m Marcus Edward  Harlow b 2/2/50

#3 Sarah ( Sally) Elizabeth - triplets  April 26th 1857

  #4 20 Nov 60 twins Charles Luke(Carl) and 

#5 20 Nov 60 Charlotte (Lottie) Elizabeth m Jonathan ( JOnty) Evans

Paddy and Cara Connor (Maryanne’s parents)

Moira  16 b 1828 m Connor Murphy

Shauna 14  b 1830    

Shamus and Liam  ( both work Gov Dairy)

John (Jack) Turner  b 1800 Transported 1820

Martha Alexander   (Pa and Maa)  - Colonial Inn Emu Plains, ( See The Vine Weaver for her story)

#1 Marcus  (called Marc), b 1820  M Milly  Dec 1843 baby Sept 4 1844 Charlotte Amelia

#2 Alexander (Alex)  b 1821  saddler Mr Ben Parker -daug Mary Parker), 

#3 Jennifer Martha (Jenna), b1823   (met in 1840 aged 18) Brown hair that had ringlets at the 

end, honey gold eyes and came up to Eddies shoulder.

#4 Victoria (Vicky) b 7/1825    m 29/12/44 Harry Harlow

#5 Catherine (Cathy), b June 24 1827 m Wills  Lockley 14/2/1845

#6 Nicholas (Nicky)   b 1830  m Betty Ellison

#1  Rachel  Elizabeth March 1864


#7 Malcolm (Calum)   b 1832

Mrs Caroline (Caro) Evans - Mr Tindale’s sister

Captain Douglas Evans-  supply ship captain   Pitt Street

#1 Phillip b 1819   Phil ;    Law married to  Alice 4 children 

#2 Stephen b 1821  Stevie;     Law married to May 5 children

#3 John b 1822   - John - loved bugs etc m 5/11/55  Colleen Murphy; 

#1  Jonathon Finn Douglas Evans ( Jonty), b 2/8/56 

#2 Maureen Caroline Evans  Reenie b 8 Aug 1858  

#3 William Luke John (Billy) b June 1860 

#4 Harriet (Hettie)  Oct 63

Effy - convict maid -   a convict b 1816

Hamish Macdonald  b 1815  m Effy  57 and baby

#1 Fergus (Ferdie) Macdonald in Jan 1858   

#2 b Jan 59 Elspeth Caroline  Macdonald

bro Fergus  b 1813 m  Mid Oct  1858 Catriona Katy McKay 

#1 b Colin Hamish   Macdonald  july 59 

#2 61 Lachlan McKay Macdonald

Bill (Bill)  Miller and 

Molly Miller  (Par and Ma)   ‘Rear Admiral Duncan ( See In Defecne of her Honour (coming 2024))

#1 Timmy b 1822 ( lawyer)

#2 Gracie b 1824 ( Anna’s best friend) Charlies girl

#3 Samuel b 1828 (Sammy) m 51 Isabella ‘Belle’ Ellis 2 children in 56

#4 Ellen b 1830 - m Luke Aug 1856 

Finn & Maureen Murphy family 18 of them daug Colleen- b 1825 

Eion, b 23 Colleen b25, Deidre b 26 (W&C), Connor (b 28L&E) m Moira, Brodie, b 30 (W& c Parra); Brennan, b 32 Shamus b 34, Imogen b 36(W&C), Kerry b 38 (L&E), Eamon b 40 Fiona b 43 Siobhan( L&E)b45, Liam b 47 Aidan, b 50, Declan b 52, Mary b 54

Major Edward ‘Ned’ Grace b 1798 - Parramatta  (His Grace the 10th Duke of Gracemere. Edward John Charles Lockley of Gracemere) at Maidstone  48th Battalion.       

Mother Susanna - dowager duchess- D Nov 1856 - Gracemere House, London

m Dec 25 1841 Christina (Tina’) Meadows   Lady Christina Catherine Meadows, née Hunt  b 1808

(daughter of Edmund William, Catherine Anne  Earl of Riverdell. at Tunbridge Wells ( Eames House London)

#1Charles (Chip) Edward John, Marquess Allingmere  b 1 Sept 1842 Lord Allingmere

m Christina (Tina) Lockley  Dec 5th 1861  

#1 Charles (CJ) John Edward and  b 5/12/62

#2 Christina. Susanna (Christie) b 5/12/62

#3 Gerald Albert James b Nov 1864

 #2 Sarah Christina, The Lady Sarah Lockley  (Sarah joy)b 1 Sept 1842    

m Anthony Winchester Dec 5th 1861

#1 Henry Anthony 3rd March 1862

#2 Edward Charles 4th March 1862

#3 Adelaide (Addie) Sarah 5th July 64

#4 Rosemarie Christina  Rachel August 1865

#3  The Lord William Edmund(Liam)  April 1845  m Lily Lockley ( Eddie)

#4 Lady Charlotte (Charl) Jennifer Victoria . Jan 26/1/47   in Parramatta - twin  m Kit Lockley ( Eddie)

#1 Clare Christina Ellen Quad. 20/4/65

#2 Eleanor Dawn Sarah Quad. 20/4/65

#3 Lucas Edmund John Quad. 20/4/65

#4 Robert Christopher Edward. Quad. 20/4/65

#5 Lady  Isabella (Izzy) Catherine Grace. 26/1/47 twin m Neddie Winslow Smythe

Brother 9th Duke David of Gracemere and wife Elouise   ;-young bros  m Elouise no kids

;-young bros  Paul  m Louisa White b 1800  Twin died  at birth -Charles  b & d 1800

Douglas     b 1802

Sarah Joy - still born b & d 1804

Charles Mother Elizabeth (Elle)  :- The Most Honourable The Dowager Countess of Coxheath

Lilabet -  the Lady Elizabeth Lockley 

Bro Matthew Watkins-Harlow (Bella’s brother)  courting Charles sister Lilabet.

The Honourable Matthew father is Viscount Ellison

  #1  Matthew Edward Charles John Watkins-Harlow b  Sept 45 (Matty)m Charlotte Corsairs

#2 Elizabeth ( Betty) b 46  

George and Esther Staverly    twin girls Elizabeth and Emily m Lockley & Saunders

Dr Gerald Winslow-Smythe b 1802 the Dr who helps Eddie (Gerry) (Emily dead wife) daughter Charlotte

Winslow-Smythe's of Winslow Hall.  His father is the Earl of Winslow.   He has an older brother George, (& Lavinia)so Gerry is 'The Honourable Gerald Winslow-Smythe' (only daughters);  sister is Genevieve (Orchard Hills)

( by 1863 Gerry is heir with title The Right Honourable, The Viscount Farlaw)

m March 1842  Annabella Derbyshire  husband died of snake bite from Ashford Kent

Honourable Annabella Watkins-Harlow before my marriage. B 1813    Papa is Viscount Ellison

#1 Annabella Jennifer - Bella b 5th Dec 42 to marry Teddy Lockley( Charlies son)

#2 Edward Gerald Charles - Neddie July 46  to marry Lady Izzy Lockley b 47

#3 Matthew Matty Henry Dec 47

#4 Susanna (Sanna) Elizabeth Sarah Joy b 49

George and Charlotte Ellis - Father is a Sadler/leather goods - in Parramatta 

#1 Albert George (Bertie)   ( aged as at 1830) Liza’s husband

#2 Robert (Robbie) Maryanne  Connor daug .  Olivia Cara ( Livvie) + 2 more

#3 Amelia ( Milly)  (Marc’s girl) Red hair green eyes

#4 Isabella (Belle)  m Sam MIller

Maid called Maryanne Connor (parents Patrick and Cara Connor)

Mr Henry (Harry) Moffatt, Clerk of the Peace Parramatta & Wife Emily

Captain Wallace, Master Mariner on “Sarah Botsford”  barque

James Leslie (see the Earl's Shadow)

 m Oct 1863  Connie Ellison b 1846

#1 Stella  b July 1864  d  Aug 1864

#2 John James (JJ) Charles b Oct 15th 1865

Foster child Jacob Davidson ( parents Don and Lydia - sister Miriam

SIX ENGLISHMEN  - see Out Where the Brolgas Dance

John Saunders, Gentleman,  - leader  (Sir John baron’s son)  CO Harry’s cousin  John’s mother was Elle’s twin  Charles 1st cousin and Elle’s nephew.  m Elspeth   Else) 1846  Mark & Emily Saunders (Mark died Oct 1855. double wedding with John and Elspeth.)

3 children 

#1  Emily Charlotte b 48,    to m Edmund Fergus Hunt (Edmund/Cat)

#2  Mark Charles b 51

#3  Jonathon  William b 55

Harry Harlow  b 1812 the Hon.   2IC  m Vicky 29 Dec 44  Horse Ginger Mick, chestnut gelding

#1 - died - lost child d mid 45 Alexis; 

#2b 7 Jan 47 Sarah Joy; m John Lockley ( Charlie’s #2)

#3 b Oct 16, 48 Henry William ; m Molly Grace b 1850 Lockley (charlie’s)

#4 Marcus Edward b 2/2/50  m Mary May Lockley (Lukes’)

#5 May 52 Elizabeth Susanna  Sanna

#6 James (Jimmy Ant)Anthony  13th Dec 56 ,

#7 Harriet Margaret  (Maggie) Caroline 5th  Feb 1864 

Gerry’s bro Viscount Anthony Winchester b 1810 m Jan1841 Maud

#1  Anthony Henry b Sept 1841.   Chester Castle Nettlestead England 

m 1859 Sarah Lockley (Ned’s daughter)

#1 Henry Anthony, twin 3  March  1862, m 1880s  Matilda Victoria Corsairs ( Phil’s)

#2 Edward Charles twin 4 March 1862 

#3  Adelaide Sarah (Addie) b July 1864 m Mark Saunders ( John’s son)

Edmund Hunt, (Lord) Christina’s little brother - Viscount Eames   a 3 years younger than Christina

M Catriona  (Cat) m 1846 -3 children   double wedding with John and Elspeth.

#1 Edmund Fergus (Ferdy)b 47, m Emily Charlotte Saunders (John’s)b 48

#2 Faith  Christina  49 m Colin Fergus Bland (Lewis’) b 47

#3 Stephen  (Steve) William 51                             

Phillip Corsairs   (Sir) Annabella’s Cousin   Dead fiancé Charlotte. M Lucy Norfolk 7th Jan 1848

 #1 Charlotte b Oct 48;   to m Matthew Watkins-Harlow - Earl 

#2 Charles Peter b 7th Jan 1850     Sanna Winslow-Smythe

#3 Matilda (Mattie) Victoria. b 8/2/1864 (Lucy was 41)  m 1880s   Henry Anthony Winslow-Smyth

Lewis Bland, Dukes mother's cousin also the Hon (M  married 22 August. 1846 Fiona  Moreton

Two sisters  Catriona(Cat( and Elspeth(Else). M John and Edmund

#1 Colin Fergus Bland,  May 47



Aidan O’Keefe  cousins to O’Shanes from Cork Shamus O’Keefe m Erin O’Shane.  

M married 22 August. 1846  Amelia Stather

2 married sisters Shannon and Caraline  

#1 Eamon Liam ,b May 47 




Mr Richard Lamb the Jeweller in Sydney

Mr Joshua Falconer-Meade (50)- looking for son 

Matthew, Martha (and Theodore (Tad) - not yet born ca 1835)  - lost  from Mead Park UK.  Mr Fishbon knew his son. Staying at “The King’s Arms” 

2 grandsons Joshua UK and Tad Aust.

Major Downes -  Sydney   Troop Major Hyde Park Barracks retired in  1843

Major David Bond  ( Major Grace’s replacement - parramatta

Captain  Stephen Roberts - Ferry Captain PS Surprize ( 1831)

Mr Iles the Boot maker, Sydney 

Mr Benjamin and Kathleen (Kath)Parker, Alex’s boss - a Sadler

Mary  18  ( Alex) , Violet 16

George Allen  Will’s friend journalist

 Parents -Fred and Violet Allan, Union Hotel

Mr Stewart - manager of The Kings Arms Sydney  & son

Sir Richard Childs - headmaster Baronet 2nd son

Charles Augustus Fitzroy and mary son George

Aide Charles Chester Master


Bathurst Assistant Manager  James  & Eva King

Miss Amelia Stather and  Phil’s arranged girl. 

Miss Fiona Moreton (Lew’s girl)  Rev Clarke’s wife g nieces.

Mrs Browne chaperone. heading  to colony to join husband. 

Tom and Betsy Ellison

Betty b 1838  m May 1863   Turner

Lance b 1840

Sam  b 1842

George b1844  M Emma Lockley 1864

Conny  b Nov 1846 m October 1863  Jim Leslie 

#1 Stella b July 1864 d Aug 1864 - 6 weeks.

#2 John James (JJ) Charles b Oct 15th 1865

# 3 Lancelot ( Lance) Edward 1867

Foster child Jacob Davidson (parents Don and Lydia - sister Miriam) Conny Wet nursed

Rev Hector James (Hugh's Uncle Hector)

Rev Hugh James Gracemere Rector - trains Kit. ( wife Isabel m 1848)

Gracemere Castle Staff

Francis Bates, - Frank - valet for 48th

Marguerite  Bates- Christina’s maid - Francis’ wife.

Reg Hawkins - Castle Agent

Colin Fraser - Dowager Duchess' secretary

Joseph Carpenter - Duke's secretary - frien of Reg Hawkins

Wills  New Emporiums

at Camden, Campbelltown, Hay, Deniliquin, Newcastle Tamworth, Windsor and Gosford ( Incl Emu Plains and Bathurst)

Luke's Carrier depots

Windsor, Camden, Parramatta, Emu Plains and Castle Hill would be the Main Depots Sydney, Gosford and Bathurst