Sheila & Sara - Joint works

Far from just mother & daughter, Sheila and Sara were the best of friends and did most things together.

After Sheila's death in 2002, Sara thought it important to write down her family's history. While rifling through her Mum's old papers, Sara discovered pages upon pages of meticulously typed manuscripts. Some were finished, some were started, but Sara had uncovered the few stories that Sheila had managed to write down before her passing.

Sheila's finished books were part of the same theme. 'Mattie', 'Ricky', and 'The Heather to The Hawkesbury' were published as written under the series title Australian Colonial Trilogy. ( Sara had to complete 'Mattie' and transcribe the other stories)

Her unfinished manuscripts are safely in the hands of her daughter, Sara Powter, who is working to finalise each manuscript with the care and consideration that they deserve. They will be periodically published as joint authorship as they are finished.

Sheila also wrote much of her Autobiography. ( 3 volumes) This is another of the projects Sara has on the 'to do' list. There are also four delightful ecological fairy stories with a wonderful moral backstories. These are to be published down the track...

To purchase their existing works, please see below.

Unlikely Convict Ladies: bk 1

Dancing To Her Own Tune