Unlikely Convict Ladies


Dancing to Her Own Tune was Sheila Hunter's Unfinished Historical Manuscript, and it's now part of its own trilogy of convict lady stories called the Unlikely Convict Ladies

Sheila had written 37,000 words - about the first seven chapters.  She never completed it, as she was going to kill off her main character.  She couldn't do it,  so stopped writing!  

Her plan for the book was to actually write about the house and tell its story through the ages, I have - but in various other books.  

 It was because of this book that I started to write my own - just to see if I could do it justice. I hope I have. 

 I had intentionally not read what she had written before I started my own.  I was amazed to see how easily it was to use it as a prequel to not only my books but her own three Australian Colonial Stories, too!  (see button above) We must think alike as not only had she used similar settings, but some of the names were the same as mine.

After deleting her last chapter, where she killed her main character, I kept writing.
When I asked my editor to see if she could pick the author break, she couldn't!  

I hope you enjoy this trilogy. "Dancing" is a good book to start in the entire convict collection of stories. Most of our books have some element of our family history. It's amazing what you find when researching your family. 

The trilogy is unnumbered. 

Dancing to Her Own Tune   (Long Listed in the 2022 Historical Fiction company's Competion) Annie is a convict girl whose time of conviction has expired. She refuses to go on the street as a prostitute, but there is little option as to why would you pay someone to do a job a convict would do for free. Then, she receives a visitor, and her life changes for the better. Annie refuses to be crushed. Then she meets Sam, and life begins to have a purpose. 

Amelia's Tears. Arrested and convicted for something she did not do, Amelia is transported and then assigned to one of the worst possible men.  Her life goes full circle when friends step in and help her find her feet. With the help of Ned Grace, her brother's friend, she returns to England. Her brother and another friend, Robbie, meet her ship and this time, tears of happiness flow. 

A Lady in Irons How can life be perfect one moment that destroyed the next?  Trauma seems to follow Katy, but there is one man who is constant in her life. Perry, her beloved cousin, means more to her than anyone. He, quite literally, follows her to the ends of the earth and back again. (This is a Governor Macquarie story, and the details are taken from his personal Diaries).