Once a Jolly Swagman

Book 5 in the Lockleys of Parramatta

Parramatta 1870s

An old black Billy Can contain the secrets of an incredible life

Rick Lockley’s life is seemingly taken from his hands by his family. At seventeen he’s not too keen about being told what to do so he runs away and becomes a swagman. 

Years pass, still heart-sore he returns home, arriving wiser, engaged and broke. He has collected some valuable friends, including Jack, a jolly swagman. Rick knows little about the old man who protected him during his years on the road. He understands Jack has secrets, but Rick trusts him. The old man comes to live with Rick and his new wife, and some of his story unfolds. On his death Jack leaves Rick, his precious Billy Can, the contents reveal Jack’s identity. Stunned, Rick finds he must travel to England to finalise Jack’s wishes. There he uncovers Jack’s life of love, betrayal and a link to his own family. Rick finds there is much more to learn about this enigmatic man.

The history behind the story! 

This wonderful story was inspired by listening to The Seekers. We Love Mama Mia (Abba) and were discussing the possibility of using some of The Seekers' songs to do likewise. 

This is what we came up with. In two weeks, the story had grown leg,s, and by the end of that month, it was finished!  

Goodbye Mary Lou. After church Sunday

It’s hard to leave - Packing to leave

Morning town ride - On train going south

Speak to the sky - prayer- Jack finds Rick at Billabong.

It Doesn’t matter anyway - Jack re Elouise

With a swag upon my shoulder - (add go to Portland.)

I wish you could be  here - Rick missing Mary

The Bush Girl - Mary missing Rick

Colours of My life

Gotta Love Somebody

Amazing - Meeting Mary at Gunning

Rattler - Returning home

Tomorrow isn’t long enough

A world of our own

Circle of Love

Guardian Angel - Jack Dying 

Love is Kind, Love is wise - In UK

Carnival is over - Leaving theUK

I’ll never find another you  - Back in Parramatta

Future Road The End