Out Where the Brolgas Dance

Book two, in the Lockley of Parramatta series. 

It’s the 1840s and discoveries across the Blue Mountains continue. Major Mitchell's new road is complete, towns, are planned and built. Abundant land is available for those who want it. 

William “Wills” Lockley, 18, has laid a solid foundation for a respectable career as a Blacksmith. 

But the Lockley lust for adventure flows deeply within his veins. 

Wills dreads the monotony of work at the Blacksmiths forge and yearns for adventure in a new frontier. 

He meets six Englishmen who have the means to make his dreams come true. 

Instead, it's their lives that change most. 

After he heads west, Wills has to deal with an uncertain romance.


William Lockley was born from my inmagination. He was a boy who was a dreamer (like me). I could never settle in class and always wanted to be out discovering 'things'.  My Parents went 'camping' on their honeymoon,  they took an old Panel Van and a sheet of canvas. In 1963 we went on one of the first caravan trip. I was three. We ended up in Airlie Beach, Queensland  and since then I have returned many many times.   On our Adventures, we fossicked, prospected, collected shells, snakes and insects.  We had a Museum on the top of our house ( see video link below- Pacific Wanderland)  and were regularly visited by Scientists from all over the world.   Sadly we never found a reef of gold! But we did find many many other amazing finds and many many times have we stopped to watch the Brolga's Dance.  It's a truely awe inspiring sight.

The Paintings on the front covers of the books are all by Joseph Lycett.           West view of Parramatta1819


Formerly attributed to John William Lewin and titled, "Parramatta 1819" Another watercolour, received by the Library in 1979, is very similar but is titled, "South view ... from the Great Western Road near the Turnpike (or Toll Bar houses) (V1B/Parr/23). The latter is signed and dated, "J L... 1820", and differs in that the trees framing the view are omitted. These watercolours and are similar to Lycett's published plate, "Paramatta [i.e. Parramatta] .." in his "Views in Australia or New South Wales, and Van Diemen's Land delineated in fifty views with descriptive letterpress", London, Souter, 1824 (M.L. F980.1/L). https://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/collection-items/west-view-parramatta.