ABOUT US:  Pacific Wanderland Publications manages the works, publishing, and distribution for the authors Sheila Hunter and Sara Powter

The name Pacific Wanderland name has been in the Hunter family for more than 50 years, starting with the family's gift shop and museum in Avoca Beach, NSW. The Pacific Wanderland name has travelled with the family for generations; easily spotted on the back of caravans, car windows, and luggage tags, as the family continued their travel across Australia and the South Pacific, and now it serves as the business name to manage the next generation of business and creativity - in management of the family's authors. 

Sara has always been fascinated by the world around her.  Her parents Norman & Sheila Hunter, were collectors of rare natural & cultural artefacts from across the Australia-Pacific region and amassed a collection of significant volume over their lifetimes. Curious artefacts included dinosaur fossils, wartime memorabilia, and exceptionally rare butterfly and insect specimens. Many of these items now feature prominently in museums across Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific islands, thanks to Sara's identification, preservation, and generosity in donating them.  Her interest in Australia's natural and cultural history led her to her significant involvement in the Bring Back Old Sydney Town movement, which is still under negotiation with the new owners, reigniting a passion for colonial-era storytelling and its importance to Australian folklore traditions. 

Sara started writing as a way to fill her time during the 2020 COVID-19 lockdowns and has now amassed a literary stockpile of over 2 million words in just three years as twenty two books are now complete. Her clear passion for Australian colonial-era storytelling, as well as her remarkable skill in genealogical research, led to the passion project, The Lockleys of Parramatta series. 

Based on her own family's experiences in coming to Australia as convicts and settlers, The Lockleys of Parramatta series was born. Since this series was completed, more novels have followed. Sixteen stories are now complete and will be released as editing is done. Sara also is a pearl knotter, to fill in any other spare time she may have.

THE LOCKLEYS OF PARRAMATTA SERIES  - 100 years of Parramatta form 1800 to 1900

Eddie's Story

Hands Upon the Anvil

Wills' story

Out Where the Brolgas Dance

Luke's story

Diamonds in the Dirt

Charlie's story

The Earl's Shadow

Wills's son, Rick's story- 

Sequel to 'Out Where the Brolgas Dance'

Once a Jolly Swagman

Luke's son-in-law

Sequel to:- 'Diamonds in the Dirt'

Jonty's Journey

UNLIKELY CONVICT LADIES - Trilogy  - Colonial New South Wales, 1800s to 40s

Dancing to Her Own Tune

Amelia's Tears

Note: Readers should be aware that Amelia's Tears

 contains sexual assault. 

Amelia is in the Female Factory and waiting for her assignment. However, when it comes, she can only close her eyes and wish for it to be over. Amelia is regularly and violently assaulted by her 'owner' and falls pregnant. Desperate pleas for rescue and prayers fall on the deaf ears of all her family but one - her brother Jimmy. He keeps in secret contact with Amelia as she tells him of the horrors she’s dealing with. He gives her a thread of hope and encourages her to stay firm in her faith. Jimmy involves two close friends, Ned and Robert, who work towards setting Amelia free. But how will she live a normal life with a child in tow?

Series: Unlikely Convict Ladies (Book #2)

Family link: Amelia is inspired by Sara's 4x great-grandmother, who, when assigned, was later returned to the female gaol as she was now pregnant. The father was the man she was assigned to, and he didn't want either her or the child. 

A Lady in Irons

THE CONVICT STAIN Collection - All stand alone stories - Colonial New South Wales, 1830s to 40s

The era links these stories. They are set in Convict Colonial Australia. Each can be read separately.


Set in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

A love at first sight story that is set during Convict Australia. Sometimes the cards you are dealt in life should be reshuffled. 


Through all Sara's Lockley books, is an elusive character.  

Mrs Walker is a wonderful woman who helps many. Fran is one of her early rescues.

(companion volume to  

Scotch at The Rocks)


Two orphans in Glasgow, transported to The Rocks in Sydney, and enough Scotch to swim in... What could possibly go wrong?

Henry Gates provides their safety, but how is Hector and how are they linked?


Bea Dawes is a convict with few options. Marriage to a stranger is the least offensive. 

Jack is a drover looking for a wife. What develops is more than love. 


A Dual time Historical story.

Jenny Kellow seaarches for the ancestor's history. The first Jennifer Kellow  past is a mystery.

 How did she come to Australia, what has it got to do with convicts and cheese?


Bill Miller is a butler in a big house in London; Molly is a maid. 

What occurs to have them both sent to Australia as convicts?  Why does Governor Macquarie champion their cause? How do they end up running the best inn in Parramatta?


Clare and Kerry O'Shane are survivors of the Irish Potato Famine.

The struggle to survive sees them making a new life in Australia. Trauma follows Clare and she finds solace with a fellow Irishman.

 How does she end up living in Avoca Beach on a farm with this elusive man? will Clare finally find happiness?

Coming October 2024 

A First Fleet Story


(Draft cover picture)

A gentle girl in an evil world.

Annie's life is turned upside down when she falls for a married man. Transportaion with the First fleet is the outcome. 

Can Annie get her life back on track?   

Coming July 2024