Scotch at The Rocks

Two orphans in Glasgow, Transported to The Rocks in Sydney, and enough Scotch to swim in... What could possibly go wrong?

Scotch at The Rocks

Glasgow, Scotland, early 1800s to The Rocks, Sydney 1830s

Orphaned children Brodie Stewart and Heather Anderson live on Glasgow’s streets. Although hungry, somehow they survive and keep out of trouble. Heather finds a job and looks to be settled; things go pear-shaped for them both. Eventually, they marry by declaration, yet even that gets messed up, and they are both arrested soon after they make their vow. In 1838, they were transported to Sydney as convicts. Heather arrives within weeks of Brodie, and they are assigned close to each other. They are now living on the docklands in Sydney, called The Rocks. They now have to forge a new life halfway across the world from their homeland. 

Adventures abound, and Brodie gets press-ganged. While he’s away, Heather’s life changes and soon, she’s officially selling Scotch Whisky at a shop in The Rocks. 

You can take a Scot out of Scotland, but where did the Scotch come from?


Clean Historical Fiction set in Colonial Sydney.

A sister volume continuing the family saga in  The Vine Weaver.

 Family lost - Family found.

Happily ever after.