Gentle Annie Soames

Set in England  1780s and Sydney Cove 1788+

An Australian First Fleet story.

Her dreams lead to unexpected outcomes. 

His forbidden attraction has dire consequences. Oliver's guilt has unexpected outcomes. 


Annie Soames is distraught about an accident that paralyses her aunt; her life is changed in the blink of an eye. She takes the position as a carer for the nearby recently married Marchioness.

Oliver Quilpie, the Marquess, discovers his arranged union is not to his taste. however,  he is drawn to his wife’s companion, and unfortunately, he is unable to keep his hands off her. 

For revenge, Annie mimics his every move dressed as a highwayman. However, she had now fallen in love with him. For her final mysterious action, she is dressed this way, which leads to her arrest and transportation. The Lady Penrhyn carried her halfway across the world, far from all she loves.

Years pass, Oliver’s wife dies, and his thoughts turn to Annie. He seeks to find her, but she has vanished. A mysterious messenger brings news and he is horrified to discover she was transported to New South Wales as a convict. 

Should he follow her? Will Annie want to see him? Will Annie survive the harshness of the new penal colony? Is she married to someone else?

‘Gentle Annie Soames’ is a First Fleet, colonial convict historical fiction story in the standalone that takes you back to a simpler time when simply surviving was a battle won.

A Clean Historical Fiction Story

If you love Australian Colonial history, you will love Sara Powter’s ‘Gentle Annie Soames,’ an absorbing tale of love and survival in the face of adversity.

Draft Cover... Release Date  July 2024